We maintain a keen focus on our ability to crush and screen material on a mobile basis. We utilise the latest tracked mobile crushing plant available and have the capacity to locate and establish work sites with limited notice. CQ Quarries operate four quarries and two sand extraction sites in the Central Queensland area, these include:


  • Fairview Quarry near Banana
  • Castle Creek Quarry near Theodore
  • Red Rock Quarry near Blackwater
  • Stanwell Quarry near Rockhampton


Sand Extraction Sites:

  • Avoca near Moura


Fairview Quarry

This site is the oldest of our three established quarries and is located 25kms north west of banana on the Leichhardt Highway on Fairview road. The quarry has a fixed crushing plant which recently has gone through a substantial upgrade which has increased our efficiency. The site currently has a set of mobile crushing gear and various screening plants which can produce in excess of 300 tonnes per hour. The type of rock at Fairview is andesite which allows the quarry to produce an excellent quality product.


Castle Creek Quarry

Castle Creek was opened in 2008 and was the second quarry to be established by CQ Quarries. It is located 20 kms north east of Theodore on the Camboon Defence road. The quarry had previously had a pit located on the site but was abandoned many years ago. This quarry has no fixed machinery and all of its machinery is mobile which can be relocated to other sites depending on customer demand.


Red Rock Quarry

Red Rock quarry was opened up in 2010 with the purpose of providing material for the upgrade of the Blackwater-Rolleston road. Located 70 kms south of Blackwater on the Blackwater-Rolleston road near shot-over creek the quarry can provide competitive prices to the surrounding areas including Blackwater, Rolleston and Springsure. The quarry has a basalt type of rock and produces a very clean aggregate as well as a good spec roadbase.


Stanwell Quarry

Stanwell is the most recent investment by CQ Quarries and was purchased in 2012 with a view of expanding the business to a larger part of Central Queensland which coincides with the name.


Avoca Sand Extraction

The sand extraction site is located on Bears lagoon road and has a very clean sand. This sand is used by Hansons in Moura and also the product is also used in the builders mix that we sell.

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