About Us


CQ Quarries Pty Ltd was opened in June 2011. The company has expanded in recent years in which we have established multiple sites across the CQ Area and continually looking at areas of expanding.


Even though all of our sites operate independently, they are mutually managed from our recently purchased Banana depot. Our Management team strives to maintain consistent standards across the four quarries and various other sites. This ensures that we can produce a high quality product across all sites.


We aim to provide high levels of service and are dedicated to providing our services efficiently, effectively and with the highest level of professionalism. We are constantly seeking professional development to enable us to maintain current knowledge of industry standards and trends, while keeping abreast of legislative changes affecting the industry.




June 2009 saw the launch of our Safety, Health and Environmental Management Plan. This plan is a working document that sets out Occupational Health and Safety standards to be adopted by our team on all of our work sites. The safety of our team, visitors and contractors is paramount and we are creating a culture that encourages safety first. The company complies with all applicable workplace health and safety requirements and we maintain health and safety standards that equal or exceed the best practices in the industry. Our aim is to achieve the goal of zero accidents and injuries and to do this we seek the co-operation of our employees, contractors and visitors. Our team have a healthy interest in the safety of themselves and their co workers and their opinions and suggestions are treated with the upmost value. To date our incidence of lost time injuries is minimal with safety training a regular tool box agenda item.

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